5 Most Overlooked Areas at Home That Cause Water Damage

There are events in life that are unexpected, like water damage. And just like other unexpected things in life, you can still prepare for it, like preventing water damage to your home.

Water is very unpredictable, it can be calm, but it can also be very disruptive. Although it is uncommon to experience, it is, in fact, the second-highest claim in insurance. Everyone can experience water leaks, but water damage is at its level. So it is understandable why many homeowners claim insurance for water damage.

Furthermore, although water damage often starts from faulty or broken pipes, other areas in the house need to be noticed. But where are these places? Here are the five overlooked areas that cause water damage.

  • The Basement

Most of the time, the area the inspector looks at when there is water damage is the bathroom or kitchen. The basement is where water damage can also start. In the US, residential basements are designed to keep the pipes and other home functions and store them where it’s least visible to the residents.

Due to this reason, it tends to get overlooked when there’s a problem. The basement is always treated to be the outcast of the house part. So if you have a basement that you rarely go into, it’s best to waterproof it and ensure that water can’t get inside it. The area you don’t always visit should be safe from any problems that may cause a major issue to your home, like water leakage.

  • Old and Faulty Appliances

Appliances have served every homeowner for years and even decades, depending on how they take care of it. For example, a heater lasts about ten years when well-maintained. However, after that timespan, no matter how well you take care of it, problems will always arise, and it becomes more challenging to handle. When an old appliance begins to break down, like a water heater, it is more prone to water damage.

A water heater can explode if it overheats, so keep your heater in check and how long it lasts. Aside from old appliances, faulty appliances brought from the store can lead to water damage. So when buying new appliances, buy from a legitimate manufacturer and check that the appliance’s functions are working properly.

  • Interior Walls

Have you heard of sweaty walls? If yes, then you should notice the walls inside your house. Aside from putting the plumbing system beneath the floors, some houses have a different design in which the plumbing system is attached to the walls. So if you notice any water droplets in your walls, call your local plumber immediately.

  • Exterior Water Outlet

Since it is outside your home, you might think it is no longer under your care and beyond your capability. However, this is the main reason exterior water outlets must be noticed. Although some people rarely use their faucet outside, it can be a source of water damage. So, even though you don’t use it regularly, have it checked regularly.

  • Sudden spike in the water bill

While it is not technically an area in the house, it is the most important one on this list. Why? Homeowners always overlook a sudden spike in water bills. They might shrug it off and think they need to lessen the water consumption for the next month. However, this sudden increase in your water bill may come from something other than your water consumption.

Many leaks are happening in your house without you even noticing it. For every homeowner, once you experience a sudden change in your water bill, call the professional immediately so they can locate which part of your house has water leakage to avoid any water damage in the future.

Keep yourself protected from water damage at all times

Water damage is a terrible thing to happen to anyone. It is a headache and gives a lot of mess to a home. As a homeowner, you should ensure that every part of your house is well-maintained to prevent them from causing water damage. But if problems arise, no worries; you can always call the best water cleanup services in Kansas City.

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