5 Auto Body Shop Lies They Have Been Telling You

Auto body shops can be terrifying places for those without experience. Unfortunately, some people working at these shops may exploit that fear by telling lies. Below are five typical deceptions at an auto body shop:

“You must repair your car here, or your warranty will be void.”

This line is a big lie. An auto body shop may require you to repair your car at their shop to maintain your warranty. It can be scary because a contract promises that the manufacturer will fix certain things on your vehicle if they break. However, following the warranty’s guidelines, you can repair your car at any shop. So, if an auto body shop says you must use their services or your security won’t be valid, asking questions and getting more information is critical before deciding.

How to tell if your car repair won’t affect its warranty:

  • Read your warranty paperwork: Your warranty covers repairs and security requirements.
  • Check the type of repair: Any reputable repair shop should be able to do your repair if it’s not related to a warranty part.
  • Use the correct parts: If the warranty covers the repair, you should use the right features recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Keep your receipts and records: It will help prove you followed the contract requirements.
  • Call the manufacturer: Call the manufacturer to determine if a repair will affect your warranty.

“We have to replace the entire part.” 

After sustaining damage in a collision, your vehicle may require the services of a body shop. The local auto body shop may tell you they must replace the entire component to fix the damage. For instance, they may say they must replace your bumper. It could be a bad option to go with that. Moreover, they can fix the damaged part instead of replacing it. It’s important to know that replacing a component is more expensive than fixing it, and the auto body shop may try to charge you more.

How to tell that an auto body shop is lying about replacing the whole part:

  • Check with your insurance: Your insurance company may have guidelines on when to repair or replace a part.
  • Do some research: Look up your car’s make and model to see if the part the auto body shop wants to replace can be fixed instead of replaced.
  • Ask questions: Be bold and ask the auto body shop questions about why they think the part needs replacing and if they can fix it.
  • Trust your instincts: If something doesn’t feel right or the auto body shop is pressuring you to replace the part, it might be a red flag that they are not being truthful.

“Your insurance won’t cover the cost of repairs.”

A car crash can be terrifying. After ensuring everyone is safe, take your car to an auto body shop. Unfortunately, some auto body shops may take advantage of your situation by saying your insurance won’t cover repairs. Know that this might not be true. Furthermore, before making repairs, contact your insurer. You should know about this typical auto body shop lie to avoid overpaying.

  • Check with your insurance company: Ask them directly if they’ll cover repairs. They can explain your policy’s coverage.
  • Ask the auto body shop for proof: If an auto body shop says your insurance won’t cover repairs, ask them to prove it. They should have a letter from your insurance company.
  • Review your insurance: Your insurance policy should list covered and uncovered items. Look for evidence that your insurance will cover repairs.
  • Watch out for high-pressure tactics: If an auto body shop pressures you to pay for repairs out of pocket or offers a deal that seems too good to be true, they may be lying.

“You must fix this right now, or driving will be dangerous.”

A mechanic may have told you, “You must fix this right now, or driving will be dangerous.” You may feel the pressure to fix the problem after hearing this. Some auto body shops may use this statement to induce urgency and get you to agree to unnecessary repairs. Moreover, they may exaggerate the problem, making it seem like your car will break down or crash. However, some car issues can be dangerous if ignored. Thus, listening to the mechanic and asking questions is crucial to determine the problem’s urgency.

Understanding how auto body shops may try to upsell you is essential.

    • Look for warning signs: Check your car immediately if it’s making strange noises, handling differently, or has warning lights on.
  • Research: Find out how to fix your issue online.
  • Consider the consequences: Consider what could happen if you wait for a repair.
  • Ask why an auto body shop recommends immediate repair: A good mechanic can explain the repair’s necessity.

“We’ll finish your car quickly.”

Sometimes an auto body shop might tell you that they’ll finish fixing your car quickly. Since you want to drive again, it may seem appealing. However, being careful is essential because some shops might promise they can’t keep it. To make a car safe to drive, it takes time to fix it. Furthermore, if an auto body shop tells you they’ll improve your vehicle quickly, asking questions and getting more information is essential. It’s better to have a realistic repair time estimate to plan.

  • Get a realistic timeline: Ask the shop for a specific timeline on when your car will be ready.
  • Question the repair: Ask the shop to describe the repair process so you can estimate the time.
  • Check their workload: If the auto body shop is bustling and has a lot of cars to fix, they may need more time to finish your vehicle.
  • Check online reviews: If many people complain about long wait times, it might be a sign that the shop doesn’t finish repairs quickly.

Honesty is the Best Auto Policy.

Now you know auto body shops’ most common lies. It can take time to navigate the world of car repairs and find a trustworthy auto body shop. But don’t worry – plenty of great options are out there! Don’t let anyone pressure you into unnecessary repairs or make promises they can’t keep. Instead, take your car to a reputable, honest auto body shop you can trust.

And if you need some car repairs now, look for auto body shops in Houston. Whether you’re dealing with a small dent or significant damage, they’ve got your back. A good auto body shop will always tell the truth. Furthermore, always drive safely because life is a journey, and your car should be your trusty steed!


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