188bet Dealer Registration and 188bet Dealer Notes

You want to make money fast. You want to have a great income. Then becoming a 188bet dealer is one of the simple ways to help make your wishes come true. With 188bet, making money is not difficult if you know the way. Bongdasao ‘s detailed instructions on how to become an agent of the 188bet house below will be the golden key to help you conquer wealth.

What is 188BET Affiliate (Affiliate)?

188bet agent is a form of affiliate marketing business. With this business form, you need to introduce and attract as many people to participate in the betting network of 188bet as possible. The more people you topportal attract into the network, the bigger the commission you get.

The difference between the dealer of 188bet and the concept of a regular dealer is that all procedures are done online. This will create convenience for the registrant. Because as long as the device has a network connection, participants can register at any place, at any time. 

Why Choose 188Bet Dealer?

In today’s market, most bookmakers have a program to recruit agents. This presents many opportunities for subscribers. However, among the countless bookies on the market, 188bet is the most prominent and reliable name. The reason is because:

188bet – The No.1 Bookmaker in Vietnam Market 

188bet is the number 1 reputable bookmaker in the Vietnamese market today. The 188bet house is legally licensed to operate by the Isle of Man organization. This is the leading prestigious organization in the world with a strict approval and licensing process. Therefore, when acting as an agent of 188bet, registrants will be assured of reliability.

The number of people registering to bet at the bookie is extremely large

188bet is the house with the largest number of players on the market today. This has shown the wide coverage of this house brand in Vietnam. This is an advantage for 188bet dealers when they do not need to spend a lot of time and effort to promote. Because the brand has been pre-defined in the player’s mind. 

Extremely high commission rates for agents up to 48%

Discounted commissions for resellers are an important factor influencing subscriber choice. Because in general, everyone wants to enjoy a high discount. Understanding this psychology, the 188bet house has built an extremely high discount rate for agents up to 48%. This is the highest commission for the dealer among the bookies on the market today. 

With a huge commission, 188bet is the most reliable address to realize the dream of getting rich. Instead of struggling, investing a large amount of capital but not sure about profitability, becoming a 188bet dealer is a more optimal business solution.

Flexibility in terms of time and space

For normal jobs, you will be confined to a certain amount of time and space. But with the agent job 188bet will help you relieve this constraint. You can do it anytime, anywhere according to your own schedule. The flexibility in time and space will help you feel comfortable in your mind, not under pressure but still have a source of income.

Fair and transparent payment

Many people who register as agents of bookmakers wonder about payment procedures. Many people are concerned about scams. However, when you become a 188bet agent, you will not have to worry about this problem. 188bet is a fair house, willing to pay and always keep the credibility for the companion agents. Minh is that the commission payment procedure for 188bet agents is always transparent with a simple and fast processing process.

Dedicated advice and support

One of the reasons you should choose to be an agent of 188bet is because of the attentiveness and dedication of this house. During the pre-registration process and during the operation as an agent, you are always consulted and dedicated 24/7. All inquiries from agents are answered in a timely manner.

Conditions to be an Agent 188bet

To become an agent of the 188bet house, you need to satisfy the following basic requirements:

Have your own website to operate 

To become a 188bet dealer is to attract people to sign up to play on your betting site. Therefore, the basic condition to be approved as an agent is to build your own betting website. If you already have a website with a fixed number of registered members, the more likely it will be approved.

Attract at least 5 participants 

In addition to the website, the registrant must attract at least 5 people to participate in betting and make deposits within the month. This is a sufficient condition to be considered as an agent of the house. When this condition is met, the player will receive a commission according to the house rules of 48%. Note, the agent will withdraw the commission when the amount is over $70.

In addition to the above conditions, you should develop a thorough plan before registering as a 188bet dealer. A well-organized plan will help you easily attract many people to sign up for betting on the site to ensure fast agent approval. 

188Bet Dealer Commission Policy

The discount commission for 188BET dealers is 48%. This is the highest level of commission available today. To achieve this commission, dealers must have at least 5 players deposit and participate in betting activities for a month. In addition, 188bet also calculates a percentage of commission based on the dealer’s revenue

The 188bet dealer commission calculation is very simple. To calculate the amount you receive in a month, you apply the following formula:

  • Commission received = Winnings (net) x Discount rate as prescribed by the bookie
  • Example: In July, you invite 5 bettors at your 188bet website. The total amount of this net betting winnings received by the house is 80 million. With these parameters, you are eligible to receive a commission from the bookie. Specifically, the commission you receive = 80,000,000 x 48% = 38.400.000 VND.

Note, if the net bet is large but the number of players < 5 people, you will not be charged a commission. Also, if you have different agent tiers, the commission percentage can be adjusted accordingly.

188Bet Dealer Payment Methods

188bet is one of the bookies with flexible payment methods that bring a lot of convenience to subscribers. When you have money in your agent account, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Payment via bank card : Players only need to fill in all the information required by the dealer and then press the Transfer button. Note, the amount in the account must be >= 70$, you can withdraw. If the amount is smaller, you must accumulate more to ensure withdrawal conditions. 
  • Payment via e-wallets : If you want the house to pay commissions quickly, you should choose the form of an e-wallet. With this form, you only need a few minutes to have money in your account.
  • Payment to betting account : If you do not want to withdraw money but use it to reinvest in betting activities, you can choose to transfer money to your betting account. With the commissions earned, you can convert to betting account to play.

How to Register as an Agent 188Bet

188bet is a bookie whose all procedures are simple and fast. The registration procedure as an agent 188bet is no exception. To register, follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Access the 188bet bookie

Step 2: Select 188bet Dealer at the bottom of the page

Step 3: Select the button Register as an agent and fill in the required information

Step 4: Click the Register button and wait for Approval 

Thus, with only 4 simple steps, you can complete the registration procedure as a 188bet dealer. Note, you need to fill in the correct registration information to ensure convenience in verification. In addition, you need to carefully read the 188bet dealer’s terms and conditions to ensure understanding and avoid violations when operating.

After 48 hours from the time of registration 188bet , 188bet will review the registration form and contact you directly to announce the results. If your profile is approved, you will act as an agent and start a promotional campaign to attract players.

How to Contact Agent 188Bet

Frequently Asked Questions When Becoming an Agent 188Bet

Below is a summary of some frequently asked questions about being a 188bet dealer and the answers to help you understand the 188bet dealer program.

Is there a fee to register as a 188bet agent?

Answer: When you shelfari.net register as an agent of 188bet, you do not have to pay any fees. You just need to make sure the house’s conditions are approved.

Which channels should 188bet agents promote to attract players?

Answer: There are many channels, you can choose to advertise 188bet dealer’s betting programs such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, Twitter, Google or place banners at websites with many visitors. Depending on the target audience, you can choose the appropriate advertising channel mixx.la.

Do 188bet resellers who refer new registrants get a commission discount?

Answer: 188bet has a discount policy for referrals. So, if you refer a valid new subscriber, you will receive a commission.

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