Top 10 Most Affordable Canadian Cities to Reside in (2024)

We don’t blame you for looking for the cheapest areas to live in Canada after getting Canadian citizenship by investment, given the economy. Most of Canada has a high cost of living, making it difficult to locate the most economical province or city.

Choosing a low-cost city can help you save money over time. In this blog post, we have enlisted the top cheap places to live in Canada, helping you to lift the strain from your budget. 

Let’s Begin.

1. Quebec’s Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines, in south-central Quebec, is on the Appalachian Mountains’ Becancour River. It is Canada’s asbestos capital, with 26,000 residents. Despite closing, Thetford Mines was one of the world’s largest asbestos mines and producers in the 20th century. 

2. Sainte-Marie, Quebec

Nearly 14,000 people live in Sainte-Marie, one of Canada’s most picturesque municipalities. It’s ideal for those who prefer a quiet life without a long drive to Quebec City, almost 45 minutes away. Sainte-Marie, on the Chaudière River, is surely a charming town.

3. Edmunston, New Brunswick

The city, near the Madawaska and Saint John Rivers, was formerly an ordinary logging community but now features local food, craft breweries, and theater. About 17,000 people live near the Quebec and U.S. borders.  Skiing, mountain biking, and camping are available near the northeastern Appalachian Mountains.  

4. Quebec’s Saint-Georges

French-speaking Saint-Georges is 3 hours from Montreal. The population is around 35,000. Saint-Georges, the province’s major city in Beauce, is inexpensive and economically promising. The city is a major manufacturing hub offering job opportunities.

5. Quebec’s Rimouski

Nearly 50,000 people live in Rimouski, three hours from Quebec, and is known for marine research and conservation. Rimouski is becoming a regional science and engineering cluster. 

6. Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer, halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, produces oil, cattle, and agriculture. Students may not like the city’s absence of a university, even if most of its 103,000 residents live in cities.

7. Quebec City

Québec City has about 558,000 residents. The Québec capital is one of the safest cities in the nation. The city’s oldest portion is UNESCO World Heritage. If you want to feel like you live in Europe, rent an apartment in Old Quebec.

8. British Columbia, Abbotsford

With 150,000 residents, Abbotsford is one of BC’s most affordable large cities. The Farming Capital of Canada, on the Fraser River, is the perfect mix of rural and urban living. With 72% of the area on an Agricultural area Reserve, agriculture is important to the local economy.

9. Laval, Quebec

Laval, with 437,000 residents, is the right blend of family-friendly suburbia and city advantages. Its 30-minute drive to Montreal makes it suitable for those who want to work in Montreal but live cheaper. 

10. Montmagny, Quebec

Montmagny is an industrial manufacturing hub 45 minutes from Quebec City and has 11,000 residents. The city is ideal for small-town residents who want city advantages. The Snow Goose Festival is held in October in Montmagny, Canada’s Snow Goose Capital. 


It is true that finding an affordable living option might be difficult to find, but a bit of research can lead you to many varied communities that offer cheap housing that fits your lifestyle and budget.  Opting for citizenship by investment in Canada can be a great decision and open the door to many opportunities, but deciding where to save money can help you in keeping up the monthly budget. 

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