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I’m one of those people passionate about sports and betting and I’m writing this article because I’m sure there are many of you who are sharing the same passion with me so I can tell you a bit about my journey and eventually we can share our experiences in the comments section of this article.

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When I was very young I used to play football but the passion for playing it faded away around the age of 18 when one of my friends started to play tennis and I went to watch him play one day so I wanted to try as well. I’ve been practicing this sport ever since. I’m not a professional and I don’t even plan to become one, but I really enjoy playing tennis in my free time as a way to relax and to keep myself in shape.

However, I want to tell you how I managed to go from only playing tennis to also being involved in bettings thanks to the most advanced tennis prediction system that I found. I had a lot of free time around the age of 18 when I started, so after a while I also wanted to try to make some money out of it. I had no chance to make money by playing professional tennis, so I decided that I could do it by betting on matches.

It was not so great from the start as I really had no idea about what I was doing, but slowly and steadily I learned more and more about this betting process. After a while, everything changed and I took this passion to the next level when I discovered online predictions for tennis which completely changed the way I placed my bets.

When I started, I was lucky if I won like 3 out of 10 bets. Also, I feel the need to mention that at the time this was not so important for me. I was not planning to make a living out of it and it was just a passion so I wasn’t so eager to win all the bets, but at the same time I was willing to improve because it was fun.

So now, my day starts by checking out today tennis predictions so I can get ready with my bets. It is not very time-consuming as I did my best to optimize the whole process and I created my own way to do it so I’m spending maybe 20-30 minutes a day to set up everything. It might seem like a lot of time for some of you, but consider that I’m almost doing this as a professional now and the earnings from betting represent about 80% of my total monthly income. So if you just want to place bets for fun, it can take maybe just 5 minutes a day to place one bet for fun.

In conclusion, this was my experience with playing and betting tennis over the last couple of years, briefly explained. If you are interested in continuing to keep sharing this kind of experience, I will be back with more tips & tricks and stories about my betting background.

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